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The Cheerleading Blog University is the official cheer library supported by industry leaders Omni Cheer®, Campus Teamwear®, Chasse®, Fund2Raise® and Glitterbug® Cosmetics. The library launched in 2011 and features guides with tips, instruction and answers for everything cheer. Check out the full library of FREE guides below and download all your favorites!

Giving Back

As big proponents of spirit, it’s important for cheerleaders to be involved with their community.

Ordering Cheer Uniforms

Get a plan of attack to help you start, manage, and control the different stages of ordering uniforms.

Coed Cheer Teams

Whether you are starting a co-ed team or joining one, review the pros and cons that a team may face.

Surviving Leadership Changes

Use this guide to navigate through the complexities of a mid-season leadership change or shake-up.

Cheering For Sports Teams

Navigate through the similarities and differences between football and basketball cheering.

Preperation Tips for Coaches

This guide will help both new and veteran coaches plan their cheerleading program for the season.

The Sibling Factor

You may be wary of having siblings on the same squad, but there are actually many great advantages!

First Year Of Cheer

By understanding expectations and what you’ll be doing all year, you can focus on the fun of cheering.

Tips For Cheer Parents

Understand what to expect during the season and help your cheerleader handle challenges and stress.


While rivalries can help push athletes, or create a negative atmosphere. Find the balance with this guide.

Cheerleading Choreography

Get tips for developing moves, choosing music and finding a choreographer to amp up energy.

Cheer Camp

Thinking about attending cheer camp? Here’s a brief on what cheer camp is all about and what to expect.

Coach’s Guide to Competition

Find out which teams should compete, how to choose the right competition and what to expect on-site.

Preparing For Prom

This guide will help you with budget, activities and beauty, and includes a complete day-of checklist!

Guide to Competitions

Use this guide to help you prepare for competition season and get tips for travel, hair and makeup.

Preparing for College

There is a lot to consider when applying for college. Use this guide to help you get started and organized.

Fundraising for Cheerleading

Get planning tips for camp, competition and season fundraising, as well ideas for giving back.

Advertising A Fundraiser

Find out four different ways to successfully advertise your fundraiser, no matter how big or small your budget.

Introduction To Stunt Groups

Whether you are a flyer, base or spotter, find your position highlighted in its own dedicated section.

Introduction To Stances & Motions

Designed to help beginners, this guide features over 55 common moves and combinations.

Stretching & Conditioning

This guide includes access to stretches and exercises that focus on target areas, designed for cheerleaders.

Cheerleading Jumps

Jumps are a basic skill for cheerleading. Learn everything about basic, advanced and expert jumps.

Cheerleading Skills

This guide will help flyers prepare for their position, and includes step-by-step visual breakdowns of skills.

Stunts For Groups

This guide details step-by-step instructions for the most popular cheerleading stunts and dismounts.

General Safety Tips

Prepare for events to ensure that your squad is safe with guidelines for travel, event and sideline safety.

Tumbling For Cheerleading

This guide covers beginner and pro moves, including stretches and strength training for cheer.

How To Inspire Spirit

Learn about activities that cheerleaders participate in, refresh game knowledge and get pep rally tips.

Team Building Tips

Learn about the foundations of trust and get examples that will help teach your team to work together.

Cheerleading Traditions

Whether your team started new ones, or has a legacy – traditions are a big part of a cheerleading team.

Lose Like A Winner

Learn how to find the positives, and how to deal with a rival team that tries to bring you down.

Cheers And Chants

Cheerleaders should familiarize themselves with the basics, as well as learning how to teach and learn.

Essentials For Spirit

There are different ways to express spirit. Learn everything you need to know with this guide.

Tryout Tips

Everything you need to know to prep for tryouts and increase your chances of earning a uniform.

Conflict Resolution Tips

Keep your team attitude healthy, and your performances solid, with these conflict resolution tips.

Tips for Captains

Understand what it takes to be a captain and how to go above and beyond for your team this season!

Successful School Year

Define what it means to be an athlete, learn how to care for your cheer gear and prepare for the future.

History of Cheerleading

Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of cheer! Great resource for newbies or a fun refresher!

Cheer Myths: BUSTED

Cheerleaders only date football players? They are airheads? Learn the truth behind myths about cheer.

Guide To Senior Year

Get through your last year with tips for saying goodbye, preparing for college, and applying cheer to life.

More Cheer Myths: BUSTED

We’re back to prove wrong five more stereotypes about cheerleaders, from attitudes to body image.