New Free eBook: The Cheerleading Guide to Spirit Essentials

If you don’t have spirit, you’re not a true cheerleader! There are different ways to use and express spirit, depending on the event and circumstances. By knowing the basic elements of spirit, as well as some ways to add spirit, you’ll be the ultimate cheerleader!

Learn everything you need to know about spirit with this new guide.

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The Basics of Spirit
Learn the cheerleader’s role and what spirit really means, from chants at games to encouraging the crowd.

Incorporating Fundraising
Have fun with your fundraisers by keeping them spirited. It not only boosts attitudes, it can boost your results!

Spirited Parade Floats
By knowing what you need to create a float, you can spend more time getting those creative juices flowing so you can create the best float ever.

Team Bonding
Spirit starts from within. Before you can encourage spirit, your team needs to be a shining example of spirit, which requires bonding.

Download the full free guide now and read up on everything about spirit!

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